(- 58 -) [action / voice]

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[By the time that Walter makes his way closer to shore, he's not alone. Someone else is in the water with him, and he's in a pretty sour mood. Anyone on the beach or happening to also be in/on the water can happen across them.]


[Later, after he's on shore, Walter finally opens up the soaked journal. His shoulders ache, he's very confused by his surroundings, it's raining, and his swimming was hampered the entire time by that journal--

He flings the poor journal onto the shore, watching it flop onto a rock and fall open. It starts recording as he's ranting.]

--dropping people in the ocean, making them swim miles to shore... In the rain. No clothes. These damn wings.

Well? What's next, Luceti? Quicksand? A thunderstorm? Let's get this bad day over with!

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Avid interest

( 57 ) [action / accidental voice]

[The village was relatively peaceful, making Walter's task of running maintenance on the barracks seem somehow strange. But so much had happened only a month ago, and the Malnosso never touched the buildings he constructed. He'd done most of the repairs already, having long ago patched holes in the roof so people using the interior for training didn't have ragged "skylights."

It kept him busy, focusing on reinforcing the gutters. But he's so focused that he misses the sound of beating wings, and he's almost sent right off the roof when something large flies dangerously close to him. His journal tumbles open just in time to catch the screech of the creature and Walter's incredulous reaction.]

What the hell!?

[The flying creature might be caught visually by the journal as it flies around again, as if circling the large building.]

Get out of here! What is that thing? [And then the journal's recording stops.]

[...Not too long after the accidental recording, people might see Walter engaging the Aerodactyl in an air battle, above the forest.]

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Delques - My soul on one finger

( 56 ) [action]

[Despite the warning over the journals, Walter can't help but be intrigued by the "butterflies" flying around and "pecking" at villagers. He sends out his teriques in a small, fairly-harmless form resembling the Tease in an "exploratory" mode.

Even to Walter, it's rather eerie how well his teriques can blend in. If not for the way it glowed, it would probably get lost in the flurry of flying golems. While he waits for his teriques to return, he can be found outside, trying to keep his distance from the Tease.

Eventually, his teriques will return in its spherical form, encasing a Tease. Walter will be inspecting it and walking back towards house 34. He can destroy it once he's tired glaring at it.]

If people attack teriques in the future because of things like you... Tch.

[ooc: If you want your character to run into or attack Walter's teriques, give it a go. o/ It's much more durable than a Tease, so you don't need to worry about killing it/Walter.]

( 55 ) [action]

[Today, Walter is working outside. Not that this is exactly out of the ordinary, since he does yard work around the Ferines house.

But today, he is working on the barracks, his "contribution" to the whole of Luceti. Hammer, nails, saw, and other tools are set on top of a box to keep them out of the mud, and there's a pile of wood and aluminum sidings that he confiscated took from the item shop. Occasionally, he can be seen flying put onto the roof or levitating materials up or down, depending on what he needs to do.

Because it would be a novel idea to patch the roof with aluminum and build a functioning rain gutter.

Taking out frustration on a building never hurts, either.]
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( 54 ) [voice]

Another clear day. Snowfall is becoming less and less frequent with each passing week. ...But spring weather can't come soon enough; the lake needs to get warmer.

[There is a significant pause here, hesitant, before the scribbling for a journal lock is done.]

[Filtered to Shirley - 99% unhackable]

Merines? May I see you?

[ooc: Affected and taken by the Merines. o/]
To the horizon

( 53 )

[After two days of the rampant newcomers, there's really not much else that can be said that doesn't sound like excessive whining. He'll leave that stuff to someone who wants to think seriously about this stuff. He's got more important things to do.

There's an ocean in his backyard.

Being the Ferines that he is, he's not letting this opportunity go to waste.]

( 52 ) [voice / action]

Snow, snow, and more snow. I would prefer the rain from last year. At least parts of the lakes weren't freezing then.

At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if someone's roof gave way. It's not as if the snow is given time to melt. In fact, it might be compressing and freezing...



[...Sometime after his voiced entry...

...If anyone looks at house 34 as they pass by, they might see Walter shoving snow off the roof. :| Can't be too careful.]
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Crystal eren

( 51 ) [action]

[After two light days of snow, the weather's cleared up a little, but it's still freezingly cold. Walter is out in front of his house now, contemplatively looking at the front walk. The walked-upon snow is freezing now, and it would be best to get rid of it before the Merines someone falls and gets hurt.]

...Let's get this over with. Kipinn, Eferin, what amazing power you have.

[The lower spirits giggle at the compliments, but it's not long before Walter has himself a Filial-powered ball of fire and wind. Coupled with his fire crystal eres (practiced for ages after his talks with Stella), he starts his task:

Blowtorching the icy front walk.]

( 50 ) [action]

[This is probably the stupidest plight ever. Seriously. If this day didn't coincide with that bizarre "holiday" last year, Walter wouldn't have paid attention to the signs around the hotel ballroom and lobby. But since he had already been forced into a costume once before, he definitely wasn't going to allow anything (Malnosso, droids, whatever) decide what he was going to wear.

So he's reluctantly picking through the costume stalls that have appeared in the park, trying to find something that wouldn't be embarrassing to wear for a few hours. He's not going to end up in a freaking catsuit like Leon had last year.]

What a stupid tradition.

[ooc: Feel free to start threads in this post of your characters shopping around and/or finding their own costumes. Juuust in case you want to have that established before the party kicks up. :|b]