Protector of the Merines

even if it costs me my life

Walter Delques
Made by Athena // Daathic @ LJ
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Fandom: Tales of Legendia
Age: 17 18 (August 1)
Height: 5'7"
Wing Color: Black
Filial Magic: Healing (Nala), Water (Sona), Wind (Kipinn), Electricity (Tsinku), Fire (Eferin), Earth (Faeren), Light (Hyt) [in the process of relearning]
Other Magic: Crystal Eres//Fire, Lightning, Ice, Sea
Walter is one of the Ferines, the people of the water. The Ferines have long been prejudiced against and looked down upon by the Orerines, the people of the land, and Walter has grown up more than aware of the horrors that the Orerines have committed against his kind. Like many Ferines, Walter hates the Orerines and cannot see past the racial prejudices to see individual character and opinion.

In another life with different circumstances, Walter would have been the captain of the elite guard that would protect the Merines, who is praised as the savior of the Ferines. But with the Ferines population dwindling and most in hiding, Walter has largely relied on himself and his own efforts. Because of the destruction of numerous Ferines settlements by Vaclav over the years, Walter has made it his purpose in life to find the Merines and protect them until the Merines can save their entire race.

Walter, as a Ferines, has a different body chemistry that gives him an advantage underwater. The Ferines can breathe underwater and are adept swimmers. Walter, unlike most Ferines, has a degree of physical combat experience and seems to use iron eres as well. His teriques (spiritual extension of himself) is black, and is apparently so notable in its color that Walter's true name is "Delques" -- "black wings."
I have faith in the Merines.
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